A poetry dedicated to this coastal town – PONDICHERRY that would urge you to travel to this place right away. I have already written this on my other blog! But thought it will suit here the most! I dwell in this coastal town Where you see the blue shades That stretches to the setting sun. … More FOLLOW ME


There goes the birthday of my very best friend LAVANNIA DSENA! She has always been a companion for me in all sorts of situations whether happy or sad, she’s with me all the time. In fact this blog is one part of her which defines her style of capturing photos. On this very special day, … More LET’S CELEBRATE


Missed us? I know its been quite a long time as we were quite busy with our modal exams and finally this evening we had decided to hang around the town called “WHITE TOWN” and we are fully ready with our essentials – A camera and a vehicle. Thinking to explore the French town in … More FRANCE IN INDIA


Its so pretty hot these days in Puducherry. The temperatures are souring day by day in India and the scorching heat that drains our well stored energies. So this time why not we spend our time with nature to get rid of this heat and also get a solace to your heart. Here we have … More BREATHE FRESH