Hey, We are back !

Has it been a very long time? We know that 😛 We were quite busy with our studies and had very less time to update the blog. So sorry for the inconvenience. We are finally back with a bang. So here we go.

We were supposed to post this in the month of June 😛 Anyways forget it. We thought today is a good day to post this on the blog:) 😛 and the place that we went is the BAKER STREET. Come on it’s not a street it’s a French bakery situated in the Busy street of the very old French town. So coming to my food story, we came to this place on my team mate’s birthday.

This place is very much famous all over the town. We had very fewer plans on this day so we thought we could check at the french bakery for a small treat. Right from its name, the interiors and their food, everything sounds french and we feel so frenchoholic. The best thing about this place is that it is less crowded. We feel that only the foreigners were quite common around this place along with a few executives. The food tastes very good and yeah point to be noted is that this bakery is too expensive. So if you are looking for a budget bakery of your choice then we would not suggest you this one for sure.

Just like another cafe, this place is one such place where you can have your coffee break. We had ordered just four delicious dishes and they are – CHOCO FRAMBOISE, TIRAMISU CHOCOLATE TIRAMISU, A  VEG CHEESE PIZZA and a few combinations of the chocolate nuts namely GANACHE HONEY, MENDIANTS WHITE CHOCOLATE , MENDIANTS MILK CHOCOLATE and CHOCOLATE GANACHE CINNAMON .

My teammate Lavania’s  choice was the CHOCO FRAMBOISE. It had a touch of strawberry flavour. We loved it so much. The pastry looked amazing with six different layers of bright and light shades of pink. On the centre, it had the shop’s logo and tasting each layer was something mouth watering before having the next bite. 

My another teammate Manju’s choice was the Tiramisu and so does mine. We had the combination of the vanilla and the chocolate flavour Tiramisu. They both looked great together. It was like a black and white combination altogether. The design was excellent. It was provided with a spoon upon it made up of chocolate. That was way too yummy! The taste was quite good as far as we were concerned. It had a viscosity nature but was good enough when it comes to its taste. I can state that tasting 5 – 6 bites made our tummy full as we felt that the flavour was too much. 

It is an ultimate fact that pizza has always been the greatest cuisine in the world and everyone’s favorite food too. The veg cheese pizza that we ordered was very tempting.We loved that very much.Taste it with the sauce of your flavour I bet you that will taste amazingly excellent. 


Last but not the least is the chocolate nut combinations of all the Ganache. When it comes to nuts nothing can be as healthier that any other dishes that we ordered. Almost all the Ganache looked awesome in its way and as well in its taste. Our favourite was the Chocolate Ganache cinnamon. It tasted soo good that we longed to taste it more. We fell in love with that.The other flavours of the Ganache too were good. The cashew and the badam along with some dry fruits and to taste all kinds of nuts all at once brought us another different kind of taste! lol. But that was nice too. Nuts + chocolate = ❤

So friends if you are living in this french city then don’t forget to visit this place once in your lifetime!

With Love

Swetha and Team


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