There goes the birthday of my very best friend LAVANNIA DSENA! She has always been a companion for me in all sorts of situations whether happy or sad, she’s with me all the time. In fact this blog is one part of her which defines her style of capturing photos. On this very special day, I would like to introduce my team mate in this way

So it goes,

  1. AGE : she’s 19! (she must have definitely got a mini heart attack on seeing the letter A! thinking i might play one more prank with her)
  2. BFF: Manju and myself (fact)
  3. CRY: She cries for everything! (small girl!)
  4. DATE: She’s not dating anyone at present. (she can’t date anyone without my knowledge either )
  5. ENGINEER: Obviously! (no doubt)
  6. FAVORITES: They are aalo bujiya and sweets like soan papdi. (during maths classes actually :P)
  7. GHOST: She believes in them! (Booo!!! play this prank with her)
  8. HEIGHT: She’s not tall (short girls are always beautiful)
  9. I LOVE YOU: She loves me ❤ (or may be some one too :P)
  10. JEALOUS: Of course its a yes! (something if i reveal she gets hyper)
  11. KILLED SOMEONE: Yes obviously! (i know who is that unlucky person.. 2 of them are always in her list)
  12. LOVE: Nah! She loves nobody (but i doubt)
  13. MARRIAGE : Its interesting to know! (time has not come so be calm)
  14. NUDGE: OMG she sends me 100’s of them all the time. (I give back the same)
  15. ORDER: She orders little less. (It depends actually)
  16. PLACES: America probably! ( right now she must have targeted 28 pi)
  17. QUOTES: The person who make you happy is the person who can hurt you the most ( last one she’s having it as a whatsapp status!)
  18. REACT: She reacts so soon (just tell her you are beautiful she will blush or just tease and you can notice it right away)
  19. SIBLINGS: Just one (a lovable bro)
  20. TRAVEL: She loves travelling (mostly with us)
  21. UNIQUE: yeah. she is! (I know in what way!)
  22. VACATIONS: She spends with her friends (only with Manju and Swe!)
  23. WISH: She has a lot of secret wish list! (and i know them all 😛 )
  24. XEROX: Ha! Her notes are incomplete without that (same too in my case)
  25. YELLOW: She hates it. (its not at all her favorite color)
  26. ZODIAC: Aries!  (So be carefull :p)

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