A poetry dedicated to this coastal town ā€“ PONDICHERRY that would urge you to travel to this place right away. I have already written this on my other blog! But thought it will suit here the most!

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I dwell in this coastal town

Where you see the blue shades

That stretches to the setting sun.

Like the sun that kissed me with light,

Combing my hair with radiance,

Follow me

To feel

The kiss of the tropical breeze,

That comforts your soul.

Follow me

To this fluid love

Filled with hopes

That can light your day

Like it lights your way.

Follow me

To the lazy waves

To hear the words

That your heart always echoes.

Follow me

To the ocean of love,

To have a sand-tastic adventure

To get lost together in the sun-drenched waters.

For you, I am no longer a stranger,

Just hold my hand

And follow me

To this place

Far away from the ordinary world

To the wonderland of my dream destination.

With Love



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