“SEVEN DAYS WITHOUT CHOCOLATE MAKES ONE WEAK” is what the quote says by an exquisite chocolate store in Pondicherry.

So today we have traveled around the city to explore the exclusive chocolate store known as the ZUKA CHOCO-LABasically people often visit restaurants in order to have an enjoyable and a classy experience but we are going to show you all the real essence of living a life through chocolates.

Over here we have come to the heart of the French Town – The Mission Street where we found our chocolate destination. We took our step ahead and entered the chocolate boutique. The interiors are simple enough of about two – three tables along with a butterfly touch up ceiling to sit and engage with. They have a wide variety of dessert items which are made up of chocolates, nothing but chocolates and we bet you all this is the right destination for every chocolate lover in the town.

I have ordered a Chocolate Mousse and a Jumbo Jerry which arrived at the very next second, quite impressive about the servings right. And my team have ordered the Choco Cherry Fantasy chocolate cake. These items are very common over here and its price tags are quite reasonable.


At first let me take a look at the Jumbo Jerry which is very regular cool here. It’s as awesome as its class. Though its simply tiny, I love its eyes, the way it looks at me when I eat it and  I guess the only thing that runs in its mind is its last breadth on this planet. I feel a bit pity for it as its life is ending so soon in a very few minutes it had arrived but I’m totally helpless because no chocolate lover whether sad or happy, calm or angry will ever say no to chocolates in any kind of mood. Coming to its taste, if anyone wanted to taste a hard chocolate I guess this Jumbo Jerry would fulfill your wish.

Jumbo Jerry : Oh no she’s going to eat me!

Now if you think that my tummy is full with this Jumbo Jerry then you are absolutely wrong because the Jumbo Jerry which is actually tiny can never ever fill my tummy until and unless I eat its crime partner “The Chocolate Mousse”. As the name states the credit goes to its looks too. I was gazing at it as  I couldn’t take my eyes of its design. It’s perfectly nested in a chocolate shell with a pearl toppings. I love the way it melts in my mouth and its crunchy taste that is being given by the pearl toppings.

One of the few things that can work in almost all the conditions is the Choco Cherry Fantasy chocolate cake that had been ordered by my team. This cake had served the quality of being fair to its name.The cherry on the cake gives the finishing touch for such a signature dish. Its taste is simply elegant and it is more seductive and lip-smacking. The chocolate cake looks heart-shaped and our heart too longs for more.

So yummy

We hope and wish that you had a chocolaty experience in reading our blog and we assure you anyone who is going to visit here is going to have a quality time spent.

With Love

Swetha and Team




  1. I love Zuka. One of the best places to live your chocolate addicted life.

    Your blog is amazing. So much better than I had imagined. Good work guys.

    Liked by 1 person

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